7 Ways SMEs Can Benefit From Independent HR Consultants

HR Consultants

SMEs face several challenges, but a prominent challenge that remains is their people management issues. They consider hiring field experts for each and every business requirement – a costly affair; hence they try to augment growth in a limited capacity but the challenge around people management remains unresolved. However, with Noble House, they can hire independent HR consultants for their short-term requirements and outsource their HR projects. Outsourcing is a comparatively cost-effective yet high-return yielding prospect for the SMEs.

Business owners or managers of SMEs (small and medium enterprises) can sometimes be reluctant to invest in HR consultants. For one, they may think this an avoidable expense, for another they may not fully realize the benefits of hiring outside help for their HR needs. However since SMEs, which typically would not have a dedicated HR department, can benefit greatly from the services of HR consultants for any or all of the following reasons:

  1. Industry knowledge and access to a wide network – According to a recent study, HR consultants make it their business to be conversant with current market trends and requirements. Knowledge of current salary levels and perks offered within a given industry can make it easier for businesses to make hiring cost effective. The fact that these consultants deal with legal issues relating to hiring and firing makes them familiar with evolving employment regulations and laws relating to health & safety regulations, compensation & labour laws. Consultants typically work with many different types and sizes of organizations. This helps them cast a wider net when it comes to accessing talent with requisite skill and experience. By contrast, an SME’s access to candidate networks is limited. HR consultants have the experience and insight that helps them gauge the educational, technical and behavioural competencies of candidates accurately with reference to a company’s requirement. Consultants can provide a fresh perspective and find simple solutions for the business by suggesting ways to cut out inefficient, ineffective practices and processes.
  2. Finding the right fit – When hiring talent the HR consultant team would factor in the size of an organization, its profile and even its cultural elements to try and find the best fit for its precise requirements. This is a strong predictor for helping retain talent, reducing attrition rates and maintaining operational efficiency.
  3. Helping with business transformation – A growth company goes through fastidious changes and an HR consultant can help streamline those processes and reorganize hierarchies and the company structure. They can help the company make outsourcing decisions if and when required by providing advice and making recommendations. The consultants’ in-depth knowledge of industry best practices and up to date information about newer processes can be very valuable for companies that may have slipped into wasteful or redundant habits.
  4. HR Technology Management – HR Consultants will help your organisation choose the right tools and technology and they will also help put them in place to streamline your HR operations. SMEs can take advantage of the consultant’s insight into effective and workable managing sourcing tools and applicant management systems. For example, a Pre-employment testing system that administers tests remotely on site and creates easy to understand reports; an HR professional is more proficient in accessing and using HR technologies, efficiently. Our HR Technology experts are extremely adept and able professionals, they will make your processes automated and help you increase ROI effectively. Hire a Noble House HR Technology expert today!
  5. Training for existing employees – HR consultants provide support in ways other than merely recruiting and reorganizational restructuring. They can also provide in-house training for existing employees, helping teach new skills and updating existing ones. Equipping the workforce with the tools and skills to deal with a rapidly changing market scenario with ever-evolving customer needs can be vital.
  6. Saving time – SMEs that do not have the luxury of dedicated HR personnel can be wrapped up in the day to day management of the company’s workings. As such they may not be able to devote time and attention to finding the solutions the company needs. Getting outside help for your HR needs leaves the company’s employees to get on with the job they were hired to do without distractions. Remember they were not hired for this job in the first place. This helps save time that would otherwise be spent on HR related activities.
  7. Saving costs and reputation – A bad hire can cost a company; in terms of money spent in training and monthly emoluments of the employee. It also costs the company in terms of reputation and resources. HR consultants can help avoid these costs in all of the ways enumerated above. Effective streamlining of processes and removing redundancies can mean substantial savings for the company.

The money that SMEs would spend in hiring independent HR consultant team now, would have immediate as well as future pay-offs. In the longer term, HR consultants could save time and money for a company and help bring about positive changes in the company’s working and ethos that would continue to benefit them in times to come. If you’re a startup and struggling with people management then get in touch with us today!

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