Five Scenarios Where Hiring Independent HR Consultants Makes Sense

Independent HR Consultants

Some companies seem to be a little blurry about the whole concept of independent HR consultants, the functions they perform and are typically skeptical about related expenditures. This is true for small companies that may have only one or a few personnel engaged in part-time HR. This is also true for larger enterprises; particularly ones that have a dedicated HR department where the management may not be fully aware of the unique benefits of an independent HR team’s inputs.

There are many valuable functions independent HR consultants can perform for companies both small and large: it isn’t just human resource management, but also organization transformation, employee assessment, training, legal etc Companies may either be unaware of or may underestimate the importance of hiring independent HR consultants:

  1. Filling the skill gap

Companies often find themselves in a pickle while functioning in a dynamic work environment; getting employees on board full-time for each task can be a considerably hefty expenditure. A company simply cannot take everybody under its wings, and often fails to hire for every niche requirement, which is where the skill-gap happens. Skill-gap also happens due to various other reasons, such as – uncertain exit of an employee, poorly managed teams and underutilized staff. Companies need a dynamic leader to address their ever-changing needs; a talented, insightful team of independent HR consultants can be invaluable in redressing the skill gap and ensuring that your company finds skilled and experienced people for short/long term requirements.

  1. Helping with temporary replacements 

When valuable employees take maternity (or increasingly now, paternity) leave or take sabbatical leave for extended periods, this creates a vacuum within the workplace. At this juncture, you don’t want a replacement because you know that a valuable and trustworthy employee will return in the foreseeable future. While it is possible for others in the company to pick up the slack for a few days, it becomes difficult to do so over longer periods of several months. Your other employees may have neither the ability nor the inclination or the time to do someone else’s job in addition to their own. This is another area where HR consultants can dive in to save the day: providing temporary staffing for a few months to a few years; employees with matching skill sets, experience and qualifications.

  1. Payroll outsourcing

Whether the company is big or small, there are times when there are payroll computing errors which could cause logjams and morale issues. Keeping track of attendance and leave, perks, PF contributions etc can be complex and tedious. Plus there could be issues with regard to income tax provisions, TDS deductions and so on which tend to change from time to time. HR consultants can manage the whole exercise on a month to month basis, sparing the company a great deal of hassle.

  1. Training and performance enhancement

HR consultants can also conduct training programs to bring employees up to date with industry developments and trends in order to spur productivity and growth of the organization. Mentoring programs can nurture leadership, improve intra and interdepartmental communication and offer new employees the support and help that they need. If some employees are found to be underperformers or if there appears to be an imbalance of workloads, the HR team can review the situation and create workable solutions in a sensitive yet professional manner.

  1. Legal compliance

HR consultants are conversant with labor laws, workmen’s compensation regulations and other employment-related legal provisions. Remember, there can be central legislations as well as state and local regulations; as such they can be difficult to keep track of.  Consultants can advice companies in a way that limits the risk of employees making claims and also minimizes any chances of receiving a notice from a regulatory authority regarding compliance or lack thereof. HR consultants may also help the company save money by offering valuable advice about tax breaks or other incentives offered based on industry insight.

Hiring independent HR consultants is often a case of spending now to save later. It is about avoiding future pitfalls and taking remedial action now before potential problems become real ones. If you’re looking to overcome these challenges at the workplace then Noble House is the right place for you! Register with us to hire an independent HR consultant and transform your business.

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