Five Things That A Noble House Consultant Can Do For Your Business

Noble House Consultant

Consulting is on the cusp of reinvention! We are moving towards the digital transformation era, and in that respect, businesses are also reinventing themselves. In order to make space for newer things, some of the existing practices are being scraped out. One of the scenarios being – traditional consulting, which is giving way to independent consultants.

Independent Consultants are growing in numbers; according to a NASDAQ report, in 2020, 43 percent workforce will freelance. This evolution is also impacting the trends of current employment, the organizations are now starting to engage more with the ICs. This is where talent marketplaces come into play, they help the companies in sourcing these independent consultants. But the talent marketplaces are evolving in order to meet the fast-paced requirements of the clients, they are becoming technology intensive.

Why Noble House?

Noble House is a talent marketplace that helps the companies in finding the right independent HR consultants and field specialists. With the use of technology, Noble House aspires to become the driver of digital transformation. And our biggest assets who help us in this process are the independent consultants. Our vetted consultants will provide your business a competitive edge in five ways listed below-

  1. Bring Specialists In Your Team – Fill the gap in your organization’s skill-set and expertise. A Noble House consultant will be your go-to short-term field expert. Why? Because we have all the specialized skills covered, like-  Compensation & Benefits Specialist, Global Mobility Expert, HRMS Expert, etc. Another major reason affecting growth is the lack of highly skilled people or specialists in the team. You no longer need to hire a full-time employee for a short-term project requirement. Just hire an independent consultant and get the expertise you need.
  2. Bring An Advisory Board In Your Team – There are times when you need an expert to become a sounding board for the organization, someone who will provide their expert insights and advisory support for critical project requirements. Our vetted team of consultants is adept to give you sound and worthy advisory support.
  3. Hire A Coach For Your HR Team – With our independent consultant on your team, you can enable excellence and transformation for your business. Their skills and expertise will help rejuvenate the knowledge base of your HR team. An HR coach will help bring digital excellence, clearer goals and will create exceptional practices to meet your requirements. They will also train your in-house talent to become the future leaders of HR.
  4. Bring A Fresh Perspective In Your Team – With an independent HR auditor, you can bring in a fresh perspective in your organization. Especially, the SMEs who are constantly in need of makeovers and transitions will benefit the most from an independent HR auditor.
  5. Become Cost Effective & Efficient – The most prominent benefit an independent consultant will provide you with is the efficiency and scalability. Independent consulting firms work on the “Pay As You Go” basis. You don’t need to spend on a full-time employee for a contingent project. Just hire a freelance professional and let them deliver the work you require and pay for only that particular project.

Apart from these benefits, the studies also show that there is a growing number of independent workers, and freelancing is enabling more work satisfaction for these professionals. This growth of independent consultants will also result in tangible profits for businesses, and more and more organizations will shift towards independent workers. If you would like to learn more about hiring an independent consultant for an ongoing project then we can get you started here. Or you can get in touch with us at for more inquiries.

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