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Independent HR Consultant

The brave new world of a start-up is all about ideas and new beginnings. It is about building a business from scratch and presenting the world with a dazzling new idea. A startup is, however, or ought to be about sound business practices as well. Hiring independent HR consultant at the early stage may seem superfluous; it may even seem like a costly indulgence, but it isn’t. Read on to know about some of the reasons why hiring independent HR talent for a startup can make sound business (and financial) sense.

Making a Business Plan

In the euphoria of thinking up the big idea and founding a fledgeling company with the big future potential, the mundane aspects of running a business may not seem as important as they actually are. An independent HR team can help formulate a sound business plan for the company: setting out realistic and obtainable goals, chalking out the plan to achieve these, apportioning resources and creating teams for the achievement of those plans. Writing down a business plan and creating a timeline for the future trajectory of the company can help clarify matters and guide the functioning of a startup.

Hiring Talent

It is the people that make up the company; without which, the new company may flounder. They are the nuts and bolts; the nitty-gritty of running a business. It is vital to find the right people from the get-go. A young company with little market experience may have neither the experience nor the know-how required for hiring the right people for the right job. At the vital, embryonic stage of a business, independent HR consultants can find the right talent by creating a list of positions, personnel requirements and deciding upon the team size given the business goals the startup has envisaged. The startup benefits by getting access to a wide pool of talent from an extensive network. The HR team can even help in drafting interview questions and conducting interviews.

Importance of Creating People Strategies

A startup genius may not be very clued in about creating the right employee policies. It is important to make employees feel secure and confident by creating policies for fair practices, equal pay and so on. A team of independent HR consultants can help create these people strategies in the beginning so that they stand a company in good stead going forward. The consultants call upon their non-inconsiderable experience and know-how in fixing pay structures, bonuses and medical benefits.

Building Teams

Once you have the right people for the right jobs, it is also important to create core teams that work together seamlessly and effectively. Employers can decide which way to choose between setting up hierarchical structures or a more linear and egalitarian organizational structure and then operate on this basis. It is important to create teams that work without friction or ego clashes. HR people can make evaluations and suggest team structures based on this.

Creating Cultural Norms

What is it you want your company to be known by? What are the values and ethics that you want to operate upon? As a startup, you want to create an edgy attitude a certain cool quotient that you want your company to be known by. The HR team can help you understand and create the company ethos you want – fun, young, vibrant, ideas-oriented, open, accepting, approachable. Creating this unique culture of your company gives employees a sense of belonging and carries over into your marketing and publicity.
A cash-strapped startup may feel that there is little money left over for hiring independent HR consultants. However, looking at the many ways that HR consultants can be life altering for a young company; so if you’re a startup looking to hire new talent but can’t afford a full-time specialist, then Noble House is just the place for you. You can also get in touch with us through email. Write to us –

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