Maternity Benefit Act: Independent Consulting Will Be a Saving Bliss For Working Women

Maternity Benefit Act

According to a recent report, released by Business Standard, it was stated that the revised maternity benefit act, which had increased maternity leave for women in an effort to boost workforce equality, will deter some companies from hiring women and lead to a loss of about 1.1 to 1.8 million jobs across 10 sectors in FY19. This was originally reported by The TeamLease Services; and according to this report, only three out of ten sectors will reflect the positive benefits of this amendment. The sectors which are dominated by women are – Education, Healthcare, Law, HR, and Social Services.

The amendment which has been passed to increase the maternity leaves in India, from 12 weeks to 26 weeks is now reported to reduce the prospects of future employment of female workers in India

So What Does That Mean For Working Women In India?

Women all across the globe have been a victim of poor parental leave policies. Most countries have strict or no parental leave policies in place. And as a result of that, many working women are derided for their career objectives and they end up giving up their careers.

Currently, the percentage of working women in India is 27%, which is expected to fall further. The maternity leave policy was revised to ensure more women are motivated to work, but it did not go as planned. Most organisations across all sectors did not encourage the increment in maternity leave as it leads to loss of skill and increased costs for them.

While women are losing their full-time jobs in recent times; a breath of fresh air that is independent consulting/freelancing comes as a relief for them.

Women In The Gig Economy

The number of women entering gig economy doubled from 2005 to 2015. Independent consulting and professional freelancing are the most popular forms of gig work and 70% of women working in the gig economy are the primary caregivers in their homes. The benefits of independent consulting are no more a secret, with gig economy on the rise there are many reasons to become an independent consultant/freelancer. The top reasons why people prefer to work independently are – flexibility, control over earnings, less anxiety.  Most of the women working independently would highly recommend it to their peers.

Independent consulting not only allows women to work without the fear of losing their jobs but it is also observed that gig economy has entrusted women with pay parity and work-life balance. A study indicates that 1 out of 2 women are an Independent worker. So, what we are saying is that despite the major setback from maternity leave policy, women need not panic any more. Independent consulting is going to be a saving bliss for them.

How Can Women Become Independent Consultants?

All the roads lead to success, but paving an entirely new path can be tough! Women in their full-time jobs get comfortable because the structure is pretty defined and which is why going independent may seem a bit of a task at first. But becoming an independent consultant is pretty easy, once you’ve got a plan in place and defined your strong areas. All that needs to be done is form a network of relevant people in the industry. There are various platforms for independent consultants and freelancers, some of them are – Flexing It, Fiverr, Upwork, Expert360 etc.

Women In HR

HR is the most dominated industry by women workers, approximately 60% of people employed in the HR domain are women… Given the numbers, the concern that emerges is that too many people from the HR industry will lose their jobs due to the amendment in “Maternity Leave Policy”. As alarming as it is for the female employees, it is equally alarming for the employers.

Despite independent HR consulting being one of the top gig works, there are not many platforms offering quality assignments for various fields in HR. Women want to consult from a platform that understands their needs and values their time. Women who are looking for independent HR assignments,  we bring you a platform that will be the one-stop solution for all your HR-related insights and projects. We have over 20+ HR specialities available with us. You can pick the one that is most suitable for you and we will match you with the most relevant projects. We have various tools & support in place to make consulting a cake-walk for you. Get your career the right kickstart with Noble House. For enquiries, write to us at –

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